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What is Click360 and how can it help me?

Click360 is an analytical platform that helps businesses understand their customers' journeys and put each customer on the best path to revenue.


Understand Your Customer's Journey

Click360 tracks customer behavior and applies Deep Learning to discover what works best at each step in the customer's journey and identify trends over time.

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Make Real-Time Recommendations

Click360 personalizes each customer's journey and makes recommendations for you (e.g., "call this customer today") and your customer (e.g., "here's a page you might like") based on what works for your other customers.

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Measure Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Click360 helps you find out what works--and what doesn't--by using multi-touch attribution models and experimentation to optimize your marketing efforts.

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Integrate With Your Existing Systems

Click360 easily integrates with your website and the systems you already use (like your CRM) to unify your sales and marketing analytics.

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How is this different than my CRM/Marketing Automation software?

Click360 learns from your customers' behavior and delivers you insights

CRM and Marketing Automation systems focus on the transactional, not the analytical. They perform discrete tasks such as tracking sales or sending automated emails. But they struggle to help you understand what's working best (and what isn't working), why something should be done, or when the best time to take action is. CRM and Marketing Automation platforms generally do what you tell them to but they do not learn.

Click360 focuses on the analytical. It observes your users to collect an incredible amount of behavioral data, then combines that with data from your CRM or Marketing Automation platform to enable end-to-end analytics.

Click360 learns from your data. It combines simple techniques such as multi-touch attribution models with advanced Deep Learning (a type of Artificial Intelligence) to segment your customers, report results, identify trends, and make recommendations for you and your customers. And it continuously learns and improves as it collects more data over time.

Click360 integrates with your existing CRM or Marketing Automation software. It doesn't need to replace your existing systems. For example, Click360 can:

  • Push recommendations to your CRM as tasks for a salesperson
  • Add high-scoring leads to a Smart List or update the score in your Marketing Automation Software
  • Insert results and recommendations into a SQL Server, or
  • Trigger workflows in your custom application

One of the ways Click360 differs from other platforms is that its AI-driven approach does not require you to make rules (e.g., +1 for a page view, +5 for a PDF download), which are usually not grounded in data science (i.e., they're educated guesses at best) and impossible to maintain. Instead, Click360 learns from behavior by applying Deep Learning techniques. In practice that means that people are treated as individuals rather than part of a group subject to rules.

Most importantly, as it collects more data, Click360's AI-driven approach improves over time while rules-based systems decay over time.

Click360 was built from the ground up to support data science, specifically analytics and artificial intelligence. Less technical users can quickly view data end-to-end while. More technical users can access raw or processed data directly and build their own models, which can be integrated into the pipeline.

We built Click360 with an extremely flexible data architecture because, often, we need to look at data in any number of ways. It's one of the best ways to make innovation faster and easier.

Integrations with Python, Spark, SQL, and custom workflows (among many others) mean that however need to use your data, Click360 can help.

B2B customers are different than B2C customers. Leads must be treated as a part of an organization. And what each person in the organization does is important (e.g., the CEO visited a solutions page, an engineer visited a support page, and a purchaser visited the how to buy section).

Click360 enables true account based marketing, and account-based context-aware recommendations. Contact us to find out more!

How It Works

1 Connect Your Website

Click360 works with most websites by adding a single line snippet to your website.

Complete the contact form and we'll send you the snippet right away, and we can show you what Click360 looks like with your data in your free demo.

2 Link To Your CRM

Click360's integration with your CRM is fast and easy. This can usually be setup in a matter of hours. Don't worry, though; our team will work with you to set up all the technical stuff.

3 Watch. Learn. Grow.

Once Click360 combines your customers' behavioral data with your CRM data, it will start learning and reporting. From there you can set up recurring reports for your marketing efforts, push alerts for your most valuable leads and accounts, and take advantage of all that Click360's AI-Driven approach offers.

Our Team


Michael Weber

Chief Executive Officer

Michael has been developing software and artificial intelligence for over 20 years at startups and Fortune 100 companies. Michael has a Masters Degree in Data Science, a Masters Degree in Software Engineering, a Doctorate of Law, and a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship.


Jeff Imm

Chief Strategy Officer

Jeff has over 25 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur. He was previously the COO of Sharpspring, a publicly traded CRM company, and the President/COO of When I Work, a SaaS time management company. Jeff has an executive MBA and a Bachelor's Degree in Business.


Mike Lewis

Vice President of Sales

Mike has over 16 years of sales experience during which time he has generated over $100MM in revenue. He has extensive experience in the advertising, marketing, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS industries. Mike has an MBA from St. Thomas University and a Bachelor's Degree in Business from St. Olaf.

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